Glow Tennis App yorumlar

Possible 5 star game if:

1. Move the menu button from the far top right side of the screen to the top middle of the screen. 2. Get rid of the tap to move up or down and replace with a follow the users finger which is more responsive. 3. Apply haptics or vibrational feedback to when the ball gets stroked by all players. 4. Allow user to replace the image of where the game is played, user can upload a photo of a tennis court and then the game would be played on that, for example. 5. Allow users to switch from a paddle or racket or other items instead of a vertical line. 6. Change the start of the game to a coin toss, winner serves first. 7. Apply tennis point structure to the game, point is earned after 15, 30, 45, 60 and then 1 point is earned 8. Allow user to select their country and then the game will challenge the user from other countries giving the game a real sense of competition. 9. Once the user places the paddle to where the ball is going to land, allow the user to then tap on the screen to engage a power strike. 10. Your welcome!

Don't buy

The speed of the paddles are slow

Needs improvement

It needs a lot of work, but I can find myself enjoying it a little.

Don’t buy!!

It plays ads in the middle of the game and it’s only one add

Piece of garbage

This game has no sound, awful controls, and does not resemble the original, and that’s bad.

Don’t waste space on phone

I downloaded this game because I like pong but didn’t want to spend money. First of all their are to many ads and when I play the game is laggy. Half of the time the paddle doesn’t move or the opponent scores cause the reaction time is garbage. PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD OR YOU WASTED YOU TIME AND SPACE ON YOUR PHONE!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡


Don't get plz

Actual trash

It’s just butt

Tons of ads & buggy

Paddles get stuck on edges and there are tons of ads.

Pretty Terrible

The lag is so bad, it’s impossible to play, let alone win.

Garbage Controls

It’s like Pong,but you NEVER win!Btw,the controls are TRASH!!!

What a 💩💩💩

Such a add lagging Basura


There are so many adds and when you exit the add you have to start all over again and it happens on the first goal unbelievable

The controls are terrible

The game is good except for the controls. They are frustrating and hard to use. You have to tap the top and bottom of the screen to move the paddle, and it's extremely slow.




Unresponsive, slow, not fun. What a waste of time!


Do you want cancer? Me neither! DONT PLAY THIS GAME




Even though this app is free, I feel like I should get a refund for my wasted time.

Great concept, poor execution

Fun of classic Pong, supports two players, but pop up ads overrun the game and game restarts after closing pop up killing any fun.


Controls adding work and ads pop up in the middle of the game DONT GET!


Controls don't work. No.

It's not working

I download the game but I can't even open it. it's not working on iPhone 5s.


Two seconds playing this game and it wreaks In moving mechanics I know this is space related but atill

Good, but needs work.

I was playing on the easy mode and the computer was too good to have any fun. I played for five minutes straight and I just gave up trying to beat the computer. Also when I swipe up, I go onto the arrow and lose the progress in the game. It is very much like the actual pong, and will keep playing. Also, please make the speed a little faster. Thank you!

What a joke


Why does no one know the controls?!?!

This app is pretty good! The only problem i see is that that everything moves a little too slow, but other than that, I like it! For those of you that cant figure it out here are some tips: 1 the pong doesn't go straight towards your finger 2 imagine there is an invisible line, straight down the middle of the board, plae your finger anywhere above the line, and the pong will go up countinuously until you let go or it hits the top of the screen, as well as with the bottom, with this, you can play the game simply by touching a little bit above or below the center to control your pong, it is very VERY easy once you get the hang of it Hoped this helped, sorry for the long review, but some people just couldnt figure it out

Can't move right

Can't move at all and nearly impossible to play

Not good at all

Almost impossible to move the block up and down. And when it gets higher near the right hand corner, the player inevitably hits the replay button by mistake.

Pong pong is the the best to the first pong as I can get

The game is great compared to other pong games that I have fond in the app store

Terrifyingly bad...

It's unplayable, to me. I hate the way everything moves, it just isn't functional. It's obviously a simple game, why does playing it have to be so complicated?

Finally an original pong game on the app store!

i love how it looks just like the first pong, but i have a suggestion why is everything in slow motion? even in hard mode it seems slower than normal. can you make a normal speed mode please? id appreciate it. plus maybe a different control setting

Sad copy

This game recreates the aesthetic of the original pong with none of the timeless game play

Needs help

Just installed the worse....once your paddle reaches the bottom of the screen, there it stays....


Pong is one of my favorite classic video games! I love it :)

Alfa not even beta

Real buggie and uninstall fast ! !

  • send link to app